I’m a girl with a camera living in Port Elizabeth. A 30-year-old lady that studied Photography, at the age of 24 after I graduated as a National and International Health and Skincare Therapist.
Making dreams come true by using my camera as a save button for the mind’s eye. I started out play around with Cameras and knew that creating my unique art in Photography was what I love and what I would like to do for a living. Photography is my outlet and Passion. I have been moved by Photography since childhood creating moments that will last forever.
I believe that Photography is a set of art created by each individual.
Being able to capture memories to last a lifetime is a dream come true for me.
I am young, loving and inspired, always giving more to keep my client happy at all times. I have had so many blessing to have been a part of so many amazing events like functions, family occasions, popping the questions and so many fairy tale days as we know them 'weddings'.
I love seeing your smile and help to cherish your special moments.
I’m a qualified Photographer working on contracts to bring you the best in what I do for the love of it.
My Prices are set on quality given and the special times spend in every creation of your perfect moments.


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